The new MultiClass 500 LE


Simply economical. For both the short and long-haul.

With its extra-wide model range, the MultiClass 500 masters the balancing act between urban and intercity transport with ease – and it does so in particularly economical style. Setra not only offers its low-entry buses in four different lengths, but also with different passenger area concepts, cockpit and door variants, and with a hybrid module. So you can find the right model for every requirement.

Does the route sometimes get tight? Then we recommend the compact S 510 LE! The ideal low-entry bus for smaller passenger numbers and demanding routes. Are you looking for a low-entry bus that will help you serve both town and countryside perfectly? Then the S 515 LE or S 516 LE are perfect for you! These versatile 12-metre and 13-metre buses are an economically convincing asset to any fleet. Or are do you have lots of passengers waiting for you? Then we recommend the S 518 LE! With up to 63 seats, it's the ideal low-entry vehicle for making passenger-intensive inter-city and school transport that much more efficient and flexible.

No matter which MultiClass variant you choose, each one impresses with a convincing price-performance ratio, fair investment costs per passenger seat, great reliability and, above all, unrivalled versatility.

New: discover the MultiClass 500 in its most compact form. The agile S 510 LE is the ideal low-entry bus for lower passenger numbers, narrow roads and demanding routes.

Agile enough for the city? Spacious enough for feeder traffic? Regardless of the low-entry task in urban public transport, the S 515 LE will fulfil it.

Rely on greater flexibility in regular services – with the S 516 LE. The 13-metre long low-entry bus impresses with its reliable connection from the rural areas and the commuter belt to the outskirts of the city.

Benefit from the best possible carrying option. The S 518 LE offers up to 63 seats, making it the ideal low-entry bus for passenger-intensive intercity routes and feeder traffic.

Length [mm] 10.510 12.210
Length incl. mirrors [mm] 10.835 12.535
Width [mm] 2.550 2.550
Height incl. air-conditioning system [mm] 3.315 3.315
Inner stand height central aisle [mm] - -
Wheelbase front axle-drive axle [mm] 4.500 6.200
Wheelbase drive axle - trailing axle [mm] - -
Tyre size 275/70 R22.5 275/70 R22.5
Overhang at front [mm] 2.710 2.710
Overhang at rear [mm] 3.300 3.300
Turning circle [mm] 17.318 21.776
Turning circle min. [mm] 17.318 21.776
Ring width turning circles min. [mm] 6.049 6.828
Track circle minimal [mm] 13.413 17.859
Wheel impact front axle max. [°] 53/46 53/46
Swing-out dimension [mm] 884 698
Cockpit height [mm] 809 809
Usable volume / capacity AdBlue [l] 53 53
Capacity fuel tank left / right [l] 300 300
Luggage compartment volume [m³] - -
Additional storage area volume [m³] 0,46 0,46
Floor height central aisle over roadway [mm] 336 350
Pedestal height [mm] 297 297
Entry height door 1 [mm] 307 309
Entry height door 2 [mm] 328 332
Step height entry 1 [mm] - -
Step height entry 2 [mm] - -
Clear door width 1 [mm] 905 905
Clear door width 2 [mm] 1.155 1.155
Slope angle in front [°] 7 7
Slope angle rear [°] 7 7
Engine OM 936 Euro VI OM 936 Euro VI
Engine 2* OM 936 Euro VI OM 936 Euro VI
Engine type 6-cylinder in-line-engine 6-cylinder in-line engine
Output [kW] 220 220
Output 2* [kW] 260 260
Max. torque [Nm] 1.200 1.200
Max. torque 2* [Nm] 1.400 1.400
At speed [1/min] 1.200 1.200
At speed 2* [1/min] 1.200 1.200
Displacement [l] 7,7 7,7
Displacement 2* [l] 7,7 7,7
EU emissions standard VI VI
Transmission Mercedes-Benz GO 190-6 Mercedes-Benz GO 190-6
Steering Power steering Power steering
Front axle, type ZF, independent wheel suspension ZF, independent wheel suspension
Driven axle, type Mercedes-Benz RO 440 Mercedes-Benz RO 440
Trailing axle, type - -
Front axle: independent suspension, anti-roll bar
Drive axle: with anti-roll bar
Trailing axle: active steering, independent suspension - -
Raising/Lowering system
Air suspension via electronic level control system (ENR)
Pneumatic disc brakes on all axles
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP®) ● for class 2
Electronically controlled braking system (EBS) ● for class 2
Anti-blocking system (ABS)
Brake Assist (BAS)
Acceleration Slip Regulation (ASR) ● bei Klasse 2 ● for class 2
Retarder limiter (RL)
Automatic bus stop brake with pull-away lock
Parking brake
HOLD function
Safety and driver assistance systems
Rollover strength compliant with ​in ECE R29 ● ECE-R29.03 ● ECE-R29.03
Adaptive Cruise Control (ART) - -
Lane Assist (SPA)
Attention Assist (AtAs)
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
Preventive Brake Assist 2
Front Collision Guard (FCG) - -
Sideguard Assist 2
Frontguard Assist
Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) ● for class 2 ● for class 2
Reversing camera
Traffic Sign Assist
Reversing buzzer
Extinguishing system
Rain-light sensor
Flat wiper blades with water fed through wiper blade
Rollover strength compliant with ECE-R 66.02
360° Camera
Active Drive Assist 2 - -
Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC)
Driver Score
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM)
Transport capacity
Passenger capacity min. 18 22
Passenger capacity max. 99 129
Seating type Voyage - -
Seating type Voyage Plus - -
Seating type Voyage Ambassador - -
Seating type Transit
Seating type Passage
Seating type Route
Driver’s seat GRAMMER Linea MSG 90.6 P, air-sprung
Driver’s seat ISRI 6860, integrated pneumatic system, 3-point seat belt
Wheelchair space
Weight and fuel tanks
Capacity of fuel tank [l] 300 300
AdBlue® additive tank [l] 53 53
Gross vehicle weight [kg] 19.500 19.500
Axle loads, max. permissible front axle [kg] 7.500 7.500
Axle loads, max. permissible drive axle [kg] 12.600 12.600
Permissible weight trailing axle [kg] - -
Heating, air conditioning and ventilation
Blower heating for passenger compartment
Driver’s area air conditioning
Under-seat fan heater - -
Waistline heater - -
EvoCool TopAir - -
EvoCool light Basic
EvoCool Basic
Cooling output, passenger compartment, EvoCool light Basic [kW] 24 24
Cooling output, passenger compartment, EvoCool Basic [kW] 32 32
Driver’s area air conditioning [hp/kW] 8 8
Heating power driver's seat [hp/kW] 18 18
Heating output, passenger compartment, EvoCool light Basic [kW] 12 12
Heating output, passenger compartment, EvoCool Basic [kW] 48 48
Refrigerant filling capacity for EvoCool light Basic without driver workplace air-conditioning [kg] 2,8 2,8
CO₂ equivalent for EvoCool light Basic without driver workplace air-conditioning [lbs/t] 4,004 4,004
Refrigerant filling capacity for EvoCool light Basic with driver workplace air-conditioning [kg] 4 4
CO₂ equivalent EvoCool light Basic with driver workplace air-conditioning [lbs/t] 5,72 5,72
Refrigerant filling capacity for 32 kW EvoCool Basic [kg] 6,5 6,5
CO₂ equivalent 32 kW EvoCool Basic [lbs/t] 9,295 9,295
Refrigerant fill capacity for 39 kW EvoCool Basic [kg] - -
CO₂ equivalent 39 kW EvoCool Basic [lbs/t] - -
Doors and glazing
Number of doors 2 2
Door position (A or B) - -
Outward swiveling door
Lift - -
Double glazed
Windscreen heatable
Low beam
High beam
Daytime driving lights with LED technology
Headlamps with LED technology
Front fog lamp
Cornering light
Position lights
Ambient lighting luggage compartment - -
Ambient lighting for reverse driving
Ambient lighting for lift - -

* Optional equipment

● Standard equipment ○ Optional equipment

The specifications correspond to standard vehicle configurations. Technical modifications may have occurred after the copy deadline. Therefore, please contact your Setra representative for the latest binding version.

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