The new MultiClass 500 LE


Perfect comfort!

As a low-entry bus, the new MultiClass 500 combines the best of both worlds. At the front, it's a fully-fledged low-floor bus for comfortable entry and exit. At the rear, it's a high-floor intercity bus with the best views and coach travel comfort. In-between, it's pure diversity: whether it be the interior design, platforms, seating or air conditioning – you can choose exactly what you want. Make your passengers a tailor-made offer that they can't refuse.

All aboard: whether your next stop is in a few hundred metres or a few hundred kilometres, the MultiClass 500 gets passengers where they need to be. The low floor in the front area enables barrier-free access for all passengers. What's more, the low-entry buses can be fitted with a manual or electric ramp and disabled spaces. The interior is friendly, functional and, above all, individual, including the floors, side panels, platforms and seating. Optional racks hold hand luggage. Powerful blower radiators quickly bring the temperature up in the passenger area in the winter, while ventilation systems and various air-conditioning systems keep the vehicle at a pleasant temperature in summer. Its minimised noise emissions and excellent overall driving experience add even more passenger comfort.

The multi-configurable MultiClass 500 passenger area is consistently designed for maximum customer satisfaction. With three door variants at the front and two in the middle as well as a third door behind the rear axle make this vehicle suitable for all applications in urban and intercity transport. Outward-swinging doors, inward-swinging doors, swing/sliding doors – the choice is limitless. And the same is true for the entry service for passengers with restricted mobility. A wheelchair ramp is available at the front, while in the middle, you can choose between a mechanical folding ramp, a double ramp with a combination of electric and mechanical ramp or an electric cassette ramp. Once passengers have climbed aboard, the travel experience is a delight. Depending on the area of application, the forebody is either consistently low-floor or equipped with platforms on the left, right and on both sides. The MultiClass 500 is also just as flexible when it comes to seating. The comfortable, standard intercity seating in the Setra Transit is the ideal solution for short and medium distances. Setra Route coach seating is available on request for longer durations on board. And the optionally available Setra Passage seating – with seat shells on a cantilever seat frame in the low-floor area – is the perfect fit for urban traffic. As a typical Setra, the MultiClass 500 fulfils all wishes. Also when it comes to air conditioning: the new EvoCool light Basic system cools the passenger area with two roof-mounted air-conditioning modules, while the classic EvoCool Basic roof-mounted air-conditioning system cools it and distributes the air via roof ducts, just like in a coach. It's plain to see: when it comes to the passenger area of the MultiClass 500, individuality trumps all!

Whether in demanding city traffic, flexible regional transport, or your typical out-of-town roads. Choose from three cockpit variants of the MultiClass 500 to meet your application requirements.

A traditional, logical workstation for the city? A dashboard worthy of a touring coach? Or perhaps a combination of the two? The three MultiClass 500 cockpit variants are designed to be 100% user-friendly based on extensive ergonomic studies. A high level of safety and comfort come as standard, from the multifunction steering wheel to the individually adjustable seat and electronic parking brake.

Each of these variants - Cockpit City, Cockpit Basic City or Cockpit Basic (intercity) - boasts equipment that has been well thought-out and optimised down to the last detail. That Setra feeling already becomes apparent when you sit down in the new MultiClass 500. The driver’s seats are ergonomically optimised and can be made to measure– even down to air conditioning. Practical stowage compartments on the right and left hold all kinds of utensils. The first look at the tidy dashboard with its clearly arranged central display gives immediate guidance. The logical positioning of all instruments provides intuitive operation. Thanks to its innovative assistance systems, your drivers also benefit - by mastering even critical driving situations with confidence at all times.

The exposed workstation in the new MultiClass 500 offers your drivers targeted technical assistance. The electronic brake combines easy handling with high suitability for daily use: safety and comfort is increased by Hill Start Assist, the optional hold function, and automatic activation when the driver leaves their seat using the electronic parking brake. The turning assistant Sideguard Assist 2 and Frontguard Assist are on-board as standard and help to prevent accidents when turning off or changing lanes. The optional active braking assistant Preventive Brake Assist 2 reacts to stationary and moving objects. The system can process multiple objects simultaneously, for instance groups of pedestrians and bicycles. Additional Assist systems can be added to the MultiClass 500 to aid driving personnel. Compared to conventional outside mirrors, the new MirrorCam impresses with a significantly-enlarged field of vision when looking out of the side windows. The 360° camera system provides a perfect all-round view when manoeuvring and the ambient lighting supports reversing manoeuvres in the dark. Depending on the selected transmission, the intelligent cruise control Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) also provides assistance. In addition to motorways and dual carriageways, it now covers almost all country roads. For inter-city routes, this means: PPC adapts the automatic gearshift function perfectly to the topography. So it’s no wonder that Setra is so popular with bus and touring coach drivers.

The air-sprung driver's climate swing seat from Isringhausen significantly improves the bus driver's working conditions and thus contributes to his health. The equipment with integrated air conditioning and height-adjustable 3-point belt system guarantees maximum seating comfort.

The optimal seating ergonomics of the Grammar driver's seat Linea/Tourea significantly improves the bus driver's working conditions and thus contributes to his health. The innovative ergonomic basic shape with comfortable adjustment options ensures a healthy sitting position at all times.

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