The new MultiClass 500 LE


Thoroughly impressive.

The new MultiClass 500 raises the bar for safety in the low-entry segment. The robust frame design creates a protective cocoon. Advanced assistance systems such as Preventive Brake Assist 2 aid the driver and help to prevent accidents in a targeted way. LED headlights ensure optimal visibility. The electronic parking brake combines easy handling with high levels of safety.

Every new Setra means advanced assistance systems – and the MultiClass 500 is no exception. The innovative Preventive Brake Assist 2* warns the driver of a collision with stationary or moving objects. At the same time, it automatically initiates a braking manoeuvre with partial braking. Preventive Brake Assist 2 reacts to stationary and moving objects, including pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, objects outside the carriageway, such as road signs, parked vehicles or traffic in adjacent and opposite lanes, are detected better within the system limits. The 360° camera system provides extra assistance, making the driver aware of pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles even in areas that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to see. The latest version of the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) intelligent cruise control is another crucial safety factor. PPC automatically reduces the speed when entering towns as well as before tight bends on country roads or obstacles such as roundabouts and stop or give way signs. This provides responsive and predictive driving. The new electronic parking brake provides a very different kind of functional aid: the system helps hill starts with an additional, integrated moving-off aid. It furthermore prevents the vehicle rolling accidentally if the driver stops, unfastens the seat belt and leaves their seat.

Despite all the assistance and safety systems, accidents can never be avoided. The developers of the new Setra MultiClass 500 have taken this into account as well. An optional underride guard reduces the effects of a rear-end or head-on collision. It protects the driver as well as the occupants of the other vehicle. Setra has also thought about the passengers: the comfortable Setra Transit and Setra Route seats are equipped with seat belts on request. Wheelchairs are securely fastened either with practical mushroom-head connectors and straps or with straps recessed in the platforms. The MultiClass 500 furthermore meets the rollover test requirements of ECE R 66.02 with its equally stable and lightweight annular frame design.

The 360° camera system consists of four cameras that capture the immediate vehicle environment and generate an indirect all-round view. The associated 10" screen is located on the A-pillar above the cockpit. This system allows pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles to be seen even in areas that are otherwise not visible to the driver. In this way, the system increases road safety, as collision hazards can be detected and, at best, prevented.

*Preventive Brake Assist 2 is optionally available for all models of the new Setra MultiClass 500 LE from spring 2024.

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