The new MultiClass 500 LE


Thoroughly impressive.

The new MultiClass 500 raises the bar for safety in the low-entry segment. The robust frame structure acts like a protective cocoon. Advanced assistance systems such as Safeguard Assist 2 and Preventive Brake Assist 2 aid the driver and help to prevent accidents in a targeted way. LED headlamps provide the best visibility. And the electronic parking brake combines easy handling with high levels of safety.

Every new Setra means advanced assistance systems – and the MultiClass 500 is no exception. Consequently, the Low-Entry is equipped as standard with the turning assistant Sideguard Assist 2 and Frontguard Assist, which help to prevent accidents when moving off, turning or changing lanes. Available upon request: active Preventive Brake Assist 2, which warns the driver of a collision with stationary or moving objects and initiates partial braking if necessary. The standard-fit Traffic Sign Assist also has a warning function, which is always triggered whenever the permissible maximum speed is exceeded. The new MirrorCam provides a significantly larger field of vision to the rear and to the side. And the 360° camera system for an even better overview to all sides. This enables your driver to detect pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles even in areas that are otherwise not visible or difficult to see. The latest variant of intelligent cruise control Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) is also a safety factor. PPC automatically reduces the speed when entering towns as well as before tight bends on country roads or obstacles such as roundabouts and stop or give way signs. This provides responsive and predictive driving. The new electronic parking brake provides a very different kind of functional aid: the system helps hill starts with an additional, integrated moving-off aid. It furthermore prevents the vehicle rolling accidentally if the driver stops, unfastens the seat belt and leaves their seat.

With Preventive Brake Assist 2, Daimler Buses offers the second generation of Active Brake Assist. The system warns of collisions with moving pedestrians and cyclists as well as stationary and moving objects. In the event of a serious risk of collision, the driver is alerted by a visual and acoustic warning and partial braking is initiated automatically.

Warning cascade and braking intervention are specifically designed for use in urban traffic. In the event of an impending collision with pedestrians or cyclists as well as with moving or stationary objects, Preventive Brake Assist 2 issues a warning. The driver is warned both visually by a flashing red triangle in the central display and acoustically, and simultaneously initiates partial braking. This braking intervention is maintained either until the driver intervenes, the situation is no longer critical, or the bus comes to a stop.

Despite all the assistance and safety systems, accidents can never be avoided. The developers of the new Setra MultiClass 500 have taken this into account as well. An optional underride guard reduces the effects of a rear-end or head-on collision. It protects the driver as well as the occupants of the other vehicle. Setra has also thought about the passengers: the comfortable Setra Transit and Setra Route seats are equipped with seat belts on request. Wheelchairs are securely fastened either with practical mushroom-head connectors and straps or with straps recessed in the platforms. The MultiClass 500 furthermore meets the rollover test requirements of ECE R 66.02 with its equally stable and lightweight annular frame design.

The 360° camera system consists of four cameras that capture the immediate vehicle environment and generate an indirect all-round view. The associated 10" screen is located on the A-pillar above the cockpit. This system allows pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles to be seen even in areas that are otherwise not visible to the driver. In this way, the system increases road safety, as collision hazards can be detected and, at best, prevented.

The innovative Traffic Sign Assist offers maximum safety and comfort on the road. Thanks to GPS and camera support, the vehicle speed is constantly compared with the current traffic regulations.

The system is designed to provide dedicated and appropriate feedback if the permitted speed is exceeded. Thanks to the state-of-the-art instrument cluster, the driver receives both visual and audible signals that immediately draw attention to the speed.

The new MultiClass 500 LE

The modern MirrorCam system provides a clear and full view of the road traffic. Equipped with high-resolution cameras, the driving safety is improved and the risk of accidents is minimised. The extended field of vision enables the driver to see pedestrians, cyclists and other road users in the surrounding area. This eliminates the blind spot when turning right.

Depending on the vehicle, the images are displayed on 7" and 15" monitors. The two high-resolution displays show the different fields of vision. The photodiodes integrated in the monitors detect the incident light and adjust the brightness of the respective monitor individually. To make it easier for the driver to evaluate the images, the 15" variants have three different guide lines. Together with the permanently calibrated vehicle end line, the distance line assists the driver in assessing approaching objects. The Overtaking Assist overlay is activated from a speed of 10 km/h with flashing, in order to safely assist overtaking or turning. In addition, the display for Blind Spot Assist is installed in the monitor.

The high beam assistant automatically switches the high beam on or off depending on traffic, so that optimum illumination of the road is always ensured. In this way, it contributes to greater safety through improved lighting conditions and optimized illumination, and increases driving comfort and safety.

Legal notice on active safety assistance systems: Emergency braking systems and other safety assistance systems can support the driver and mitigate the severity of accidents or prevent accidents in critical driving situations under optimal conditions, within the system limits. However, irrespective of this, the driver has a duty to adapt his driving behaviour and in particular his speed to the traffic and weather conditions and to be attentive at all times. This applies in particular to special situations such as icy or wet roads, rain, crosswind, poor visibility, snowfall, fog, etc. Consequently, the driver, as the driver of the vehicle, has the responsibility for the entire driving situation at all times and must not rely exclusively on the safety assistance systems.

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