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The bottom line - exceptional cost-effectiveness.

With the ComfortClass, you benefit from a surprisingly low total cost of ownership (TCO). For example, several technical features and customised service offerings ensure low maintenance costs - and therefore result in a high overall cost-effectiveness. You'll also capitalise on the high value retention of a Setra. Your Setra contact will gladly show you how the ComfortClass will pay off for you.

State-of-the-art engines from Mercedes-Benz.

The current generation of BlueEFFICIENCY Power engines with BlueTEC 6 exhaust gas aftertreatment doesn't just combine low fuel consumption and low emissions. Its latest, top-of-the-range technology also impresses thanks to phenomenal performance and high torque for particularly powerful starts across a broad driving range.

PPC (Predictive Powertrain Control).

The PPC (option) is a GPS cruise control, which also engages in the automatic control of the PowerShift 3 transmission.* Because the system knows the topography ahead, it enables the automatic gear switching before declines, on mountainous terrain, before hilltops and in valleys - for a predictive selection of gear and speed. The PPC therefore contributes to the optimisation of fuel consumption and makes the TopClass even more cost-effective.

Economical maintenance costs.

The ComfortClass 500 engines stand out with ideally harmonised and exceptionally long main service intervals of up to 120,000 kilometres. This ensures high vehicle availability and is positively reflected on total cost of ownership thanks to low maintenance costs.

  • State-of-the-art engines
  • Predictive Powertrain Control
  • Maintenance costs

A long-term investment, economical consumption, favourable maintenance costs: the ComfortClass doesn’t only stand out with its design, comfort and versatility. It will also impress you when you consider its cost-effectiveness throughout its entire lifecycle and beyond – the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

With the ComfortClass, you are investing in a coach with the greatest possible value retention. To ensure optimal cost-effectiveness, we make sure to adapt the coach’s equipment to your needs, as well as financing, service and service contracts to your specific business application. If you wish, BusStore will even guarantee the residual value of your coach and buy it back at a later date. This enables the greatest possible planning security.

The highly efficient engines in our ComfortClass coaches ensure low fuel consumption with maximum performance. The Mercedes-Benz GO-250 PowerShift 3 transmission, which is ideally optimised to the engine, further enhances fuel consumption. The outstanding aerodynamics of the ComfortClass, as well as OMNIplus DriverTraining programmes also contribute to favourable consumption values.

Long maintenance intervals and the high availability of your ComfortClass will keep your maintenance costs pleasantly low. Thanks to the full-coverage OMNIplus Service Network with coach-specific Service Points, you can count on remaining mobile at all times with your ComfortClass.

We are continuously optimising all these cost factors. Of course, there are costs which we cannot influence. In all cases, your ComfortClass not only performs brilliantly for passengers, but also for your bottom line. Your Setra partner will be happy to go through the figures with you in detail.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Looking at the big picture:

There is a lot more that goes into what your ComfortClass costs than its purchase price. At Setra, we always make it a point to look at the big picture when we develop a coach or bus. We optimise all TCO factors in view of achieving the best possible cost-effectiveness for you. These factors include investment costs, energy costs, maintenance and repair costs, as well as the residual value when your vehicle is sold.

The good news is that yes, we can influence them and we do – to the greatest possible extent. For example, by continuing to develop and evolve our drive components, by reducing the need for maintenance, by offering customised services – and of course, through the well-known outstanding quality and durability of our coaches and buses.

* 95% of approx. 300,000 km of highways and federal roads in Europe are currently already covered.

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