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Spectacular generosity and spontaneous openness characterise the next generation of the TopClass. Even when boarding, it gives your passengers a very special, exclusive feeling of comfort. Comfortable seats, the best view, perfect climate control and an interior with exquisite materials. This makes travelling a pleasure, which is now further enhanced with the new Coach Infotainment series.

Space is true luxury – in the Setra TopClass it is particularly generous and opulent. This already starts with the wide entrance. The passenger compartment offers ample room to move and, thanks to the optional TopSky Panorama glass roof, a magnificent view. Perfect climate control with the greatest possible protection against infection thanks to advanced ventilation systems and antiviral active filters. Carefully select decor catches the eye, the hand glides over high-quality surfaces, tastefully arranged and carefully crafted. Loving details such as the ambient lighting or the service sets with new, even more functional air vents characterise these super high-decker buses, which are outstanding in every respect. And when it gets dark outside, the new large monitors inside light up in HD quality.

Seat comfort is of paramount importance, especially on long journeys. Setra seating from our own production is available in numerous variants. All are characterised by their legendary workmanship and comfort. Especially when combined with the optional, multi-adjustable headrests. The seat covers are a feast for the eyes, because the choice of fabrics and combinations thereof is virtually inexhaustible. Offer your passengers something special, combine upholstery and covers to create a unique feel-good ambience on board.

Perfect ergonomics and a design with a wow effect. The most coveted seat in the Setra TopClass is right at the front. The driver's workplace reaches a completely new level with its extremely high-quality design and the excellent coordination of all components. The new equipment features and assistance systems support the driver in his important role, making his job more tranquil and relaxed.

The cockpit of the TopClass impresses with its uniform, intuitive operating and display concept. Its functionality is further enhanced thanks to new equipment features. Such as the keyless access system Keyless Start or the electronic parking brake. In addition, new assistance systems make everyday driving easier. The predictive cruise control PPC dazzles with its extended map coverage of Europe. Active Drive Assist 2 is a decisive step closer to the future of autonomous driving. And the 360° camera ensures better all-round visibility when manoeuvring.

Comfort Plus cockpit.

Comfort Plus cockpit.

The high-quality Comfort Plus cockpit, including multifunction steering wheel and modern instrument cluster, is easy to operate, offers high-quality surfaces and a great deal of comfort. All instruments are clearly arranged and within easy reach without changing the seating position.

Comfort Plus cockpit.

Comfort Plus cockpit.

The multifunction steering wheel and the high-resolution color display with intuitive stack-and-cards menu simplify work in the cockpit behind the wheel. In addition, the Coach Infotainment Series is integrated. The glare-free display provides all important information at a glance and supports the driver if desired with further details such as tour data or fuel consumption. This way the driver can focus entirely on the road – an essential contribution to greater road safety. The driver will also find additional storage facilities and spacious stowage compartments. The refrigerator in the Comfort Plus cockpit offers a volume of 2.4 cubic feet (67 liters).

Comfort begins even before you get on board: when entering the next generation of Setra TopClass, the key simply stays in your pocket with Keyless Start. The engine is started simply by pressing the start button, that's all it takes. The new electronic parking brake already impresses with an easy-grip control knob. And it can do a lot. It is activated automatically when the coach stops and the driver leaves his seat. It is released by pressing a button or pressing the accelerator pedal. Hold function and starting aid are integrated. All together, a real technical showpiece. This applies all the more to Active Drive Assist 2. It bundles previous assistance systems, can accelerate, brake, maintain distance, steer, keep in lane – the path to autonomous driving is paved, fascinating. One of these assistance systems can now do much more: the intelligent predictive cruise control system Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), with its extended map coverage, now covers not only motorways and trunk roads but also almost all extra-urban roads in Europe. PPC leads over country roads, even takes into account intersections and roundabouts. Comfort and safety are combined in new, even brighter LED headlights, now with High Beam Assist. The 360° camera effectively supports manoeuvring. But the pleasure on board should not be neglected either. The new Coach Infotainment series offers the latest generation of media usage for professional use in coaches. With flexible operation at the touch of a button, touchscreen or voice command – always adapted to the respective situation, it couldn't be more convenient. It all adds up to underline why Setra enjoys such an excellent reputation among drivers.

Service set with air nozzles and reading lights, above each double seat.

The service sets are convenient to use and shine with their high-quality design. Among other things, the 360° adjustable round nozzles and the LED reading light contribute to this. The individually adjustable air nozzles provide for better regulation of the air supply and are visually offset to a high standard.

Glass roof "Top Sky Panorama".

The large, tinted Top Sky Panorama glass roof also gives passengers the best views when looking up. The glass roof is double pane over the center aisle of the coach. It is tinted and has an energy transmittance of 21 percent and a light transmittance of about three percent. It is fitted with a hinged glass flap as an emergency exit hatch. This also complies with US legislation.

Discreet lighting for a pleasant feeling of space.

Thanks to the stylish ambient lighting, passengers can expect an exceptional feeling of space even in dark lighting conditions. With the security of being able to move freely and find your way around at any time. The ambient lighting complements the main lighting on the service sets and radiates pleasant lighting effects along the entire length of the passenger compartment. LED technology has a lower energy consumption than conventional light sources and also contributes to lower maintenance and repair costs due to its longer service life.

EvoCool TopAir air conditioning system for passenger compartment, integrated version.

Operation is conveniently carried out at the driver's workplace via the "Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning" HVAC control unit integrated in the instrument panel. The air conditioning system ensures homogeneous temperature distribution in the passenger compartment and offers the option of dual-zone control in the floor and roof areas. Passengers can regulate air supply using their individual service sets.

  • Service set with air nozzles and reading lights, above each double seat.
  • Glass roof "Top Sky Panorama".
  • Discreet lighting for a pleasant feeling of space.
  • EvoCool TopAir air conditioning system for passenger compartment, integrated version.

The onboard toilet offers passengers a carefree travelling experience – thanks to high quality standards and convenient access. Integrated directly into the boarding area, the onboard toilet fulfils the desire for maximum seating capacity. With the optional equipment variants such as sustainable water flushing instead of chemical flushing as well as smoke detectors, the onboard toilet has further advantages.

The optional version for long-distance vehicle convinces not only with fresh water flushing without chemical additives but also with equipment for high comfort demands. These include the washbasin with metal tap, a reinforced toilet seat, an additional paper roll holder and another mirror on the inside door.

The asymmetrically shaped partition behind entrance 1 underlines the high-quality equipment of the interior. Stably anchored directly to the floor and parapet, the partition is based on a robust integral foam frame with an elegant glass insert. As a further option for individualisation, the partition can also be fitted with an insert made of plastic or wood.

It has storage facilities and a luggage net and comes with stylish Setra lettering.

Kneeling to boarding side ensures more comfortable boarding and alighting for passengers at the stop. When the driver presses the kneeling button or, if automatic is preselected, the door button, the vehicle is lowered to a preset height on the boarding side. Part of the air escapes from the air spring bellows and the vehicle tilts towards the passenger.

One-sided lowering (kneeling) can be initiated automatically by opening the passenger doors, either via the kneeling button on the instrument panel or after activation with the pre-selection button. When the kneeling button is operated, the positions of the doors are taken into account. If the kneeling pre-selector switch is activated, the vehicle is lowered automatically via the “open door” signal to the boarding side and the doors open simultaneously. The driver can carry out an emergency lift with one button.

Setra offers passengers the best entertainment on board. For this purpose, the latest generation of monitors are used, which provide entertainment on the road. Thanks to the latest monitor technology and proven reliability, even long coach journeys fly by.

On tour with on-board infotainment.

On tour with on-board infotainment.

Thanks to the Coach Infotainment series, coach travel is even more comfortable for drivers and passengers. This is ensured by the intuitive operation of the system via touch screen, control panel and voice control with predefined command sets for the cockpit area. The system has DAB+ radio, USB audio and Bluetooth audio streaming with many audio formats. The integrated navigation system supports the driver with a coach-specific route calculation with commercial vehicle attributes. In addition to the prioritised driver microphone, up to two travel companion microphones can be integrated.

On tour with on-board infotainment.

On tour with on-board infotainment.

Via voice control, navigation and intermediate destinations within the current language area can be entered in the local language. In addition, voice control can be used to operate telephone functions and the sources in the cockpit. Online traffic reports (Premium Traffic) can be used in conjunction with a cell phone paired via Bluetooth; an active data connection is required for this. The system can be supplied with map updates for up to 7 years after the production end of the device without further license costs. This requires a PC and USB stick, which are not included in the scope of delivery. If passenger monitors are installed, the attendant can feed their own audio and video content into the passenger area via HDMI interface (bringing your own device). The system is rounded off with Bluetooth audio streaming, which can also be operated via a passenger's mobile phone.

Keyless start with immobiliser.

Keyless start with immobiliser.

The keyless entry system Keyless-Start allows the driver to operate the central locking at the touch of a button on the vehicle key. After entering the coach, the vehicle detects the key in the cockpit area. The engine can then be started by pressing the start button. At the same time, keyless start increases security against vehicle theft thanks to the integrated immobiliser.

Keyless start with immobiliser.

Keyless start with immobiliser.

When the driver approaches his vehicle, an antenna detects the key for operating the central locking. It is operated by a button on the key. After entering the coach, another antenna inside the vehicle detects the key in the cockpit area. The driver can now unlock the ignition lock by pressing a button or switch on the ignition. The engine is started by pressing the start button for more than five seconds, alternatively by briefly pressing the start button while pressing the brake pedal.

Multifunction steering wheel.

Multifunction steering wheel.

The easy-grip 4-spoke multifunction steering wheel has a diameter of 450 mm and is adjustable in height and inclination. The buttons can be used to operate the instrument menus, radio and telephone conveniently and safely.

Multifunction steering wheel.

Multifunction steering wheel.

The multifunction steering wheel is integrated into the intuitive operating concept. If, for example, a proximity cruise control system is installed, the speed and distance can be adjusted using the control buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. The multifunction steering wheel can be adjusted in height and inclination thanks to the standard adjustable steering column. Adjustment with integrated valve on the steering column is unlocked pneumatically.

The optimal seating ergonomics of the Grammar driver's seat Linea/Tourea significantly improves the bus driver's working conditions and thus contributes to his health. The innovative ergonomic basic shape with comfortable adjustment options ensures a healthy sitting position at all times.

The air-sprung comfort driver's swing seat from Grammer is equipped with height adjustment, inclination and depth adjustment of the seat cushion, continuously adjustable lumbar support and side contour adjustment, rapid lowering as well as integrated headrest and seat belt.

All the control elements are combined into control units and arranged ergonomically next to the seat.

Cruise control is an electronic system that enables the vehicle to maintain a pre-selected speed even under changing load conditions.

The system allows speeds to be set from 15 km/h up to the vehicle’s control speed. It is controlled via the steering column switch on the right side of the steering column.

Cruise control can also be activated or deactivated using the multifunction steering wheel.

The Coach MediaRouter is a mobile WiFi hotspot via which passengers can access the internet with their mobile devices. The management of several SIM cards and effective bandwidth control round off the profile of this automotive media hotspot.

The device enables about 40-50 passengers to connect their mobile devices to the internet. The router establishes the internet connection via a mobile phone connection (combo antenna with 2 LTE branches) that supports the LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard. The advantage compared with a direct internet connection is the avoidance of typical reception interference and conserving the data volume of the passenger. The reception area outside the vehicle is approx. 30m. Furthermore, the router can be connected via a USB port to a media server by Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) to provide media content such as music, videos and images (playable media are MP3, MP4, JPEG and PDF)

The burglary and theft alarm system (EDW) increases security for the vehicle by deterring potential thieves due to the vehicle's visual and acoustic security devices. The system secures the passenger doors, luggage compartment doors, engine compartment door, maintenance and electrical compartment door and monitors the interior. Unauthorised tampering or intrusion is signalled visually (flashing lights) and acoustically (signal horn).

The electrically heated mattress provides more comfort in the driver's rest area, even at low temperatures. It consists of PU moulded foam and is covered in grey fabric. The power of the heater can be controlled via a wired control element with a 3-step switch. The mattress is fire protection tested according to EVO 132.40.

The attendant’s seat must meet high standards of ergonomics and comfort. But also in terms of functionality, it is important to meet high demands for contemporary flexibility with intelligent technology. The Setra attendants’ seats achieve both perfectly.

Whether as a single or double seat – the Setra attendants’ seats ensure a pleasant journey and a comfortable workplace. Ergonomically and functionally well thought-out, the foldable seats equipped with a 3-point safety belt impress with a variety of details and options. Depending on the series, the backrest can be infinitely adjusted manually or electrically and the seat can be moved forwards by 35 or 70 millimetres using two locking points. In addition to the flexible, body-friendly seating position, the armrest on the wall side also offers extra comfort for attendants/tour guides. Thanks to the compactness of the seats, more space is guaranteed for entry as well as for an upstream freezer or storage cupboard.

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