Welcome to the comfort zone.
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Welcome to the comfort zone.

The inviting passenger compartment of the new Setra MultiClass 500.

All aboard: with low-floor technology on doors one and two, the new Setra MultiClass 500 makes life easy for passengers. If necessary, the kneeling system of this new inter-city bus can make it even easier to get on board. Pushchairs and wheelchairs can just roll right in. Low entry is the name of the game, the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. And this theme continues inside the passenger compartment.

The passenger compartment of the new MultiClass 500 can be adapted perfectly to any situation. Whether it’s on a city or intercity route, being used as a school bus, shuttle service or works transport bus, the equipment can be customised for any application. Entire low-floor front section? No problem. Platforms on the left or right? We can do both. Platforms on both sides, either long or short versions? Not a problem either.

The interior has been designed to be functional and welcoming. The new glass partitions with the understated Setra trademark are available in various formats. Different designs are available for the floor. The side wall panelling comes with a smooth decorative film or, on request, with a cosy needle fleece finish. The versatile handrails and the combination of light and dark panelling round off the look. That's right: the equipment options of the MultiClass 500 are just as versatile as its potential uses.

“the equipment options of the MultiClass 500 are just as versatile as its potential uses.”

The interior layout of the MultiClass 500 is similar to that of a theatre: Passengers take their seats in the stalls at the front and in the boxes at the back. The low-floor front section is ideal for fast entry and exit on short journeys including for passengers with restricted mobility. The generous headroom of approx. 2.6 metres provides an airy feeling of spaciousness. Three shallow steps lead into the high-floor area at the rear. The view from there is excellent. Thanks to a comfortable rear axle adopted from touring coaches, the rear section is the place to be on longer journeys.

“The interior layout of the MultiClass 500 is similar to that of a theatre.”

The versatile seating range includes versions for any application. The MultiClass 500 is equipped as standard with Setra Transit inter-city seating and optionally with the even more comfortable Setra Route seating. Both designs can be equipped with seat belts on request.

Alternatively, Setra Passage seating with seat shells on cantilever seat frames is available for the low-floor section without traditional seat bases. All seating variants are produced in-house and are available in a wide variety of designs.

Perforated luggage racks are optionally available for passengers' hand luggage. The contents can be seen from below, which prevents objects from being left behind in the vehicle. The luggage rack is also optionally available with a closed base – this allows air vents and reading lamps to be fitted in the low-floor section.

Like all other components, the HVAC system of the Setra MultiClass 500 is designed to meet specific requirements. For example, the side windows can be single-glazed or double-glazed. High-performance fan heaters and the front box heat the passenger compartment rapidly. In conjunction with the roof-mounted air conditioning system, the vehicle can optionally be equipped with air vents and reading lamps – yet another example of the comfort provided by the new MultiClass 500.

Ventilation is provided by hinged windows as standard. Two glass roof hatches are also fitted. They simultaneously serve as mandatory emergency exits and ventilate the rear section very effectively.

All air conditioning systems are equipped with antiviral filters as standard. As a result, the passenger compartment of the new Setra MultiClass 500 is not only functional, individual, comfortable and spacious – it is also safe.

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