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Daimler Buses at the Busworld 2011


  • The Ulm-based bus & coach brand combines luxurious comfort with extravagant design
  • Eight vehicles from the current model series on display
  • S 415 GT-HD from the ComfortClass : "Final Edition" with innovative design ideas
  • TopClass: S 416 HDH "Special Edition" with infotainment system
  • S 415 NF, S 417 UL and S 416 H as representatives of the MultiClass
  • Four exhibits in the open area at the show

On its exhibition stand and in the open area of the "Busworld" show in Kortrijk, Belgium (21 – 26 October 2011), Setra Buses & Coaches, a Daimler brand, will be displaying eight vehicles from all three model series to show new approaches in the interior and exterior design of touring coaches and inter-urban buses. With extraordinary comfort features and extravagant design ideas, Setra will once again demonstrate that there are no limits to the creativity of its developers and designers, even in its 60th anniversary year. Once again this year, the brand is offering new material designs and innovative solutions for bus and coach operators. The personal tastes of vehicle operators and their varied customer target groups are the decisive factors influencing the appointments and features of buses and coaches with which Setra has realised an outstanding level of individuality for six decades. The Setra team is well aware that only a vehicle precisely tailored for a specific application can provide the best possible cost-effectiveness, and fully meet the brand claim of "Best in Class". The same applies to the versatile safety packages that Setra puts together for customers, passengers and drivers.

S 415 GT-HD from the ComfortClass 400 as a "Final Edition"

At the Busworld show, Setra will be presenting exclusive interior equipment highlights to the specialist visitors with the "Final Edition" of an S 415 GT-HD.
Lothar Holder, head of Sales at Setra Omnibusse EvoBus GmbH, is proud of the future prospects and the sucesses achieved to date: "With the models of the ComfortClass we have set Europe-wide standards in the combined touring and excursion segments. To thank bus operators for the great confidence they have shown in these vehicles for all these years, we are once again presenting a top touring coach with outstanding specifications."
The Final Edition of the Setra ComfortClass is equipped with dark-tinted "Galaxsee" side windows featuring shiny brushed stainless steel trim. At Setra it is always the small details that contribute to a great effect. The cockpit with its bird's-eye maple inserts stands for the exclusivity of this touring coach, as does the white-backlighted Setra logo in the step at the front entry. The passengers are comfortably accommodated on 49 "Voyage Plus" seats with leather top sections. The imprinted leather centre sections of the backrests, seat cushions and head sections match the exterior design of the coach. The high-quality seats feature adjustable, thickly padded backrests, a lateral adjustment, two grab handles, a folding armrest on the aisle side and a parcel net as standard. Passengers in the S 415 GT-HD Final Edition displayed at the show also have a hot drinks and change dispenser at their disposal during journeys. The display vehicle also has a powered pop-up skylight which can be operated from the cockpit.

S 416 HDH "Special Edition" with staggered seating

To mark the brand's 60th anniversary, Setra is presenting the "Special Edition" as a limited edition of coaches with special interior design variations. These include the S 416 HDH from the TopClass on display in Kortrijk, which has a staggered seating arrangement. Another key feature is the modern infotainment system for satellite TV and radio reception. The image from the driver's cockpit camera can also be shown on the monitors integrated into the passenger seat backrests, behind the driver,
at the front entry and on the rear wall of the onboard galley.
The S 416 HDH is able to accommodate 46 passengers on red Voyage Supreme seats. The head sections and piping with Swarovski gems are of leather as standard in this seat. The cockpit trim and the wood/leather steering wheel of the 3-axle coach are in matt black bird's-eye maple. With a K-logo on the hub caps and steering wheel, as well as a porcelain flower vase on the A-pillar, the interior is reminiscent of the early years in the brand's history. With its staggered seating arrangement, the coach realises an innovative interior design idea. The aisle-side seats are positioned forward by six centimetres, ensuring a comfortable seating position with more shoulder-room and a much improved view through the side windows. The onboard galley features a 40-cup coffee machine and sink, an 8.5-litre hot-dog heater and stowage drawers. Equipped with a double courier seat, the touring coach offers the driver, couriers and passengers an outstanding level of safety with proximity cruise control, Active Brake Assist (ABA) and Lane Keeping Assist.

S 415 NF meets the EEV standards

Representing the MultiClass generation of inter-city buses, Setra is exhibiting an S 415 NF at the Busworld show. This two-door, low-floor bus is equipped with 41 seats. A variety of fabric colours makes the interior bright and welcoming. To make the cockpit as ergonomic as possible, the driver's seat can be pivoted. A cash register with a six-column change dispenser is integrated into the cockpit door. The vehicle meets EU Directive 2001/85, Class 2, and the S 415 NF excels with its low operating costs and high value retention. Environmental compatibility is another key focus. With the OM 457 hLA in-line six-cylinder engine and no particulate filter, it meets the EEV requirements, the currently most stringent voluntary emissions standard.

S 416 H with snack vending machine

The S 416 H is likewise a member of the Setra MultiClass. Equipped with outward swinging doors, this vehicle is on display with a straight front end and a Braun lift with an extended wheelchair ramp. In the interior there is provision for a wheelchair space opposite the rear entry, and this can also be used for pushchairs. The space can be quickly created thanks to the fold-up, "cinema seat" design of one double seat and other double seats which can be pivoted forward. In this area the passengers also have the use of a snack vending machine with a change dispenser. A total of 47 passengers can be accommodated on the "Route" seats, which have leather head sections. These seats feature high-grade covers and silver-painted piping, plus footrests, adjustable backrests and integrated grab handles. The centre aisle of the high-floor bus is approx. 1040 mm above the road surface, giving the vehicle an attractive luggage compartment capacity of up to 7.9 cu. m. The S 416 H meets EU Directive 2001/85, Class 2/3, and like the S 415 NF it is powered by an environmentally friendly OM 457 hLA with no particulate filter, making it EEV-capable.

S 431 DT Special Edition with "Voyage Plus" seats

Setra is also exhibiting a representative of the limited "Special Edition" in the open area of the show – a S 431 DT. This double-decker from the TopClass accommodates 78 passengers on Setra "Voyage Plus" seats. This version offers an outstanding level of comfort thanks to additional padding and special contouring. The seats have leather head sections and are installed in a staggered arrangement. This gives their occupants more shoulder-room and a better view through the side windows. Passengers are also able to relax at two club tables on the lower deck, where the onboard galley with two 40-cup coffee machines and two hot-dog heaters is also located. An onboard phone system with two stations ensures easy communication with service staff or the travel courier during a journey. The driver's leather steering wheel is in a "matt black bird's-eye maple" decor, and has the retro-look K-logo as a symbol of the limited edition. The flagship model in the TopClass likewise features proximity cruise control with Emergency Brake Assist (ABA) and Lane Keeping Assist.

S 411 HD with video camera at the centre entry

The S 411 HD displayed in the open area is likewise equipped with the new Setra "Voyage Plus" seats, and accommodates 36 passengers. This model from the TopClass series is also equipped with a galley featuring a 40-cup coffee machine with sink, an 8.5-litre hot-dog heater, stowage drawers and a 5-litre water boiler. The touring coach is fitted with a multifunction aerial, and passengers are able to enjoy the entertainment and information programme on two 48 cm (19-inch) monitors during a journey. Safety features include proximity cruise control with integrated Active Brake Assist
(ABA), which can automatically initiate emergency braking in an emergency.

S 417 UL equipped for the handicapped

Also in the open area, Setra is exhibiting an S 417 UL with a slanted front end, pneumatically controlled swing-out doors and a range of features for the handicapped. This MultiClass bus is equipped with a Braun lift to facilitate access by passengers with restricted mobility at entry 2, a bus stop brake with drive-off lock and a wheelchair notification button. The pushchair space with a demountable platform is also located opposite the rear entry. Passengers are accommodated on 63 "Route" seats from the new Setra seating generation. This seat features a fixed, space-optimised backrest, a short seat cushion and a grab handle on the aisle side. The onboard passenger signalling system has eight push-buttons and gives both visual and acoustic signals. The environmentally friendly OM 457 hLA engine with no particulate filter meets the voluntary EEV emission standard.

Also in the open area: the S 416 GT-HD/2 with rear entry

The two-axle S 416 GT-HD/2 high-decker is powered by a 315 kW (428 hp) OM 457 LA in-line six-cylinder engine which meets the EEV emission standard with no particulate filter. The special feature of this 13.02-metre long ComfortClass touring coach is the position of entry 2, which is behind the rear axle. This means that the vehicle has more space for a generous luggage compartment with a capacity of 12.6 cu. m., as well as a full-length passenger area. Thanks to this special configuration, the touring coach is equipped with a rear toilet and a spacious galley with large refrigerators behind the seating area. The galley and toilet elements are decorated with airbrushed motifs, with carpeting in turquoise. Usable for both touring and inter-city operations, the S 416 GT-HD/2 with a total of 42 Setra "Voyage" seats combines cost-effective attractiveness with outstanding travel comfort.

Seagulls soaring over the ocean

- Setra's exterior design also meets the premium brand claim
- The smooth side walls of Setra buses and coaches provide scope for many design-possibilities
- The exhibits show a high-quality combination of paintwork and adhesive foil

Sitting in a Setra is an extremely enjoyable way to travel. Features that ensure this include comfortable passenger seats, versatile galley fixtures that leave no wish unanswered and the very latest onboard multimedia systems providing passengers with entertain­ment and information whenever they require. Setra developers and designers have however always focussed their attention not only on the interior, but also made sure that the exterior appearance too is eye-catchingly attractive. With their large proportion of smooth side wall areas, and a minimum of rubber seals and surrounds on the bodywork, Setra buses and coaches offer bus operators a great deal of scope for exterior styling.

To mark the 60th anniversary, the Busworld exhibits of the Ulm-based brand are being given a very special external appearance as a demonstration of the design team's practically limitless creativity and specialist expertise. The exterior design is a combination of paintwork and adhesive foil, and instantly makes the onlooker think of holidays by the sea.

A filigree airbrushing technique by which the obsidian shades of the base colour are "misted" onto the body surfaces ensures a seamless transition between the metallic black base and the design motifs, which suggest luxurious bus journeys with their fine embellishments, wave-patterns and soaring seagulls. The metallic look of the foil bearing the motifs is created by spraying on a coat of clear varnish with a 3-percent silver-chrome content. As an eye-catching feature this year's exterior design has a button with the lettering "60 years of Setra" to mark the anniversary, and this is repeated at the front and rear ends of the vehicles on display.

A total of 14 working days are required to produce the foil motifs, apply them and carry out the subsequent process stages of "drying" and "curing".

Technical data of the vehicles displayed

S 415 GT-HD "Final Edition"
Engine: OM 457 LA, 315 kW (428 hp), EEV
Transmission: GO 240-8 Power-Shift 8-speed manual transmission
Seats: 49 +1 + 2
Length x width x height: 12,200 x 2550 x 3620 mm

S 416 HDH "Special Edition"
Engine: OM 457 LA, 335 kW (456 hp), Euro-5
Transmission: GO 240-8 Power-Shift 8-speed manual transmission
Seats: 46 + 1 + 2
Length x width x height: 13,190 x 2550 x 3860 mm

S 415 NF
Engine: OM 457 hLA, 220 kW (299 hp), EEV
Transmission: ZF Ecolife, AP 1400 6-speed automatic transmission
Seats: 41 + 1
Length x width x height: 11,950 x 2550 x 3049 mm

S 416 H
Engine: OM 457 hLA, 260 kW (354 hp), EEV
Transmission: GO 190 6-speed manual transmission, servo-assisted
Seats: 47 + 1 + 2
Length x width x height: 13,040 x 2550 x 3350 mm

S 431 DT (open area)
Engine: OM 502 LA, 370 kW (503 hp), Euro-5
Transmission: ZF-AS Tronic 12-speed manual transmission, automated
Seats: 78 + 1 + 1
Length x width x height: 13,890 x 2550 x 4000 mm

S 411 HD (open area)
Engine: OM 501 LA, 300 kW (408 hp), Euro-5
Transmission: GO 190 6-speed manual transmission, servo-assisted
Seats: 36 + 1 + 1
Length x width x height: 10,160 x 2550 x 3760 mm

S 417 UL (open area)
Engine: OM 457 hLA, 300 kW (408 hp), EEV
Transmission: GO 240-8 PowerShift 8-speed manual transmission
Seats: 63 + 1 + 1
Length x width x height: 14,050 x 2550 x 3350 mm

S 416 GT-HD/2 (open area)
Engine: OM 457 LA, 315 kW (428 hp), EEV
Transmission: GO 240-8 PowerShift 8-speed manual transmission
Seats: 42 +1 + 1
Length x width x height: 13,020 x 2550 x 3620 m