TopClass S 531 DT


Grandeur which affects all of your senses – an experience from the very first second.

Its appearance is impressive. Its design, breathtaking. Its size, majestic. The TopClass S 531 DT presents itself as a touring coach that interprets space and luxury in a new, contemporary way. The design of the double-decker touring coach conveys all the values that the Setra TopClass stands for. The distinctive lines of the front, side and rear suggest safety and reliability. The stylish design elements convey exclusivity and desirability. And the redesigned, striking front exudes dynamism and confidence. Discover all the details of this unique travel giant, which combines its imposing appearance with perfect elegance.

The headlamp design has also been spectacularly revised. The new, even brighter LED lights offer even more safety when driving at night. Incorporated in a black chrome-plated housing, they are modelled on the shape of theatre spotlights and illuminate the road for the driver almost like a stage.

The front light design has also been considerably revised. The new, even brighter LED headlights now shine in the TopClass and ComfortClass (optional). With black-chrome coated housing, the LED headlights are modelled on the shape of theatre spotlights and illuminate the road for the driver in a stage-like fashion. Refined: Indicator, daytime running light and position light are combined in a full LED lighting element to form a "light bar" and are harmoniously embedded in a shiny clasp.

With the new striking design, Setra coaches attract all eyes. The character element with the three-dimensional brand logo prominently placed on the side profile functions as an unmistakable identifying feature. It is finished in chrome on the Setra TopClass and in silver on the ComfortClass. The new look is completed by the La Linea, which extends along the entire length of the vehicle. This adds dynamism and emphasises the aerodynamic design of the body with its lines.

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