The 70s – the trendy decade
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The 70s – the trendy decade

The new cult generation.

The seventies are acknowledged as the “cult decade” of the 20th century. Disco and punk movements bring forth a new cultural generation, computer games capture the hearts of young people, and Apple revolutionises the computing world. Technological progress is omnipresent.

The anniversary edition 1951 to 2021.

70 years of Setra, 45 years of the 200 series, 40 years of the double-decker bus, 30 years of the 300 series - the list could be continued. As part of our anniversary, we invite you to a very special trip. Get on board and ride with us. Through seven decades of Setra and the world events around it. What else would you do besides come on a trip with Setra?

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In many ways, the seventies are marked by breakthrough ideas and technological innovations. Decades later, people will look back on them as a cult era. At Kässbohrer too, a new generation emerges: the 200 series.

The 70s – the trendy decade

With the new models from the 200 series, what the onlooker sees first is the undivided windscreen and the streamlined side surfaces with sintered windows. Once guests take their seat inside, they are pleasantly surprised by the unparalleled level of comfort. In the new series, not only are the individually suspended front wheels equipped with air suspension, but also the fixed rear axles. In the new luxurious touring coaches, highly innovative cross-flow ventilation ensures a pleasant internal environment for passengers and an all-new level of travel wellbeing.

The 70s – the trendy decade

With their excellent performance and high-level comfort, the Setra models from the 200 series are very popular touring coaches for ever more distant destinations.


  • In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduce the first Apple personal computer to the market, priced at US$ 666.66.
  • The disco wave evolves into a musical genre that shapes the fashion, spirit and lifestyle of a whole generation.
  • The Setra 200 series represents a new generation of highly comfortable touring coaches. Air conditioning and cross-flow ventilation open up a new era in passenger comfort.
  • In New York and London, with the arrival of the punks, a new rebelliousness emerges – one that will greatly influence fashion and pop music over years to come.
  • In 1977, the Atari 2600, the first programmable games console for home use, is introduced to the market. A new generation of entertainment culture is born.

“The innovative technological details and amenities of the Setra S 200 initiate a new generation of comfortable coaches.”

Bus of the Year 1977.

  • A year after the introduction of the new series, the Setra S 225 HD is honoured by journalists with the “Bus of the Year 1977” award. The jury is especially impressed by its comfortable furnishings and an interior compartment conceived for enhanced passenger wellbeing.
  • A new dimension of luxury: the super-high-deck Setra S 200 causes a storm at its premiere in Nice.
  • With their excellent performance and high-level comfort, the Setra models from the 200 series are very popular touring coaches for ever more distant destinations.

The S 200 super high-decker celebrates its premiere in 1973, causing as much of a stir as the once legendary Setra S 8. The Setra S 200 coach’s innovative furnishings and technology embody every aspect of the new generation of extremely comfortable touring coaches – with an on-board galley and lavatory below deck, and a high-tech cross-flow ventilation and air conditioning system which is way ahead of its time. The “Rolls-Royce of coaches”, as the S 200 is described in a trade journal, is the promising forerunner of the 200 series, which is introduced in the summer of 1976 with six models, four high-floor versions and two high-deckers. From a technological standpoint, the 200 series is an absolute sensation.

The touring, urban and regional-service coaches from the 200 series encompass five types – Optimal, International, Rational, Regional and Communal – with various lengths, heights and door configurations. The range even includes special-application coaches, such as export, library, x-ray, and television vehicles, as well as those conceived for prison transport. All in all, between 1976 and 1991, 65 different structural forms are created. This extensive variety of types enables Setra to address the most diverse market requirements both in Germany and abroad. 

Over the course of 15 years, a total of 27,680 units are sold throughout Europe. With this series, the standardisation of individual types and construction groups, as well as improved production processes, enable production to be increased to eight buses per day. 

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