Setra Grand Prix 2011

Setra Grand Prix 2011


118 bus drivers from 30 countries accepted an invitation to the Setra Grand Prix and put their skills to the test. For the first time ever, 30 journalists from 20 different countries took part in the event as well. The drivers enthusiastically took on a variety of exciting competitive exercises, such as the “Skilful driving” challenge.

During the “Economical driving” exercise on the Grand prix track, sensitive handling of the gas pedal was called for. However, unlike with the Formula 1, drivers had to use as little fuel as possible, while keeping up their speed.

To commemorate Setra’s 60-year anniversary, we introduced a few new events this year. Night exercises brought a new level of excitement to the competition. Who was best at parking backwards into one of the dark boxes, as close as possible to the boundary, without knocking it down? And who was the fastest driver during the “Safe driving” challenge at the Driving Safety Center, where a course with a variety of obstacles and a seriously slippery curve had to be mastered?

But as always, the Setra Grand Prix was all about more than simply high-level competition. Participants had great fun, and there was a lot of laughing, celebrating and shop-talk going on. Two great days where we all enjoyed being together with the Setra Family. For all those who couldn’t experience it live, we have collected the most exciting and compelling moments in a photo gallery and a film.

The over 300 Grand Prix participants came together one last time for the Grand Finale, forming the Setra anniversary number “60”, positioned next to the Setra lettering created out of Setra coaches. You can have a look at how it all came together on YouTube.