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Standard financing is the traditional way of financing – with attractive conditions and freely-selectable contractual periods up to 120 months.

Initial payment, contractual period and monthly instalments are all determined before you sign the contract, thus offering you the greatest possible planning security. Upon payment of the final instalment, the bus automatically belongs to you.

Benefits for you.

  • Continuous monthly payments
  • Individually tailored initial payment and contract period
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Maximum planning security

Our final balloon payment financing plan offers you particularly low monthly instalments and the greatest possible flexibility when the contract ends. As its name indicates, when the contract is drawn up, a final instalment is calculated that depends on the individual contract duration and the expected mileage to be covered in that time.

And the really ingenious thing is that, at the end of the contractual period, you can then decide at leisure whether you wish to make the payment for the final instalment, or agree on a follow-up financing or even if you want to sell your bus, or simply return it to us.

Benefits for you.

  • Easily manageable monthly payments
  • Individually calculated balloon payment
  • Maximum flexibility when deciding upon how you wish the contract to end

The seasonal instalments financing model is adjusted to your order situation in both quiet and busy times. The instalment amount is based on your seasonal business activities. In busy months you will pay a higher instalment, and a lower one when business is slower. This ensures that you always have financial flexibility.

Benefits for you.

  • Seasonally-adjusted rates
  • Individually tailored initial payment and contract period
  • Financial flexibility throughout the seasons
  • Final balloon payment possible upon request

Individual financing provides you this flexibility: in a manner similar to that of seasonal financing, here too, you can adjust the instalments and the payment intervals to your personal requirements. This model allows not only seasonal fluctuations, but also foreseeable future events such as greater capital flows, to be taken into account and special instalments arranged. Under this individual financing arrangement, it is also possible to integrate a final balloon payment. And at the end of the contractual period, all possibilities are open to you: you can keep your bus, sell it, or even return it to your Mercedes-Benz dealer.*

Benefits for you.

  • Maximum possible customisation of all financing parameters
  • Usage and requirements-oriented instalments and special paymen
  • Maximum flexibility from the signing of the agreement through to its termination

Find your local Mercedes-Benz Bank Group leasing and financing advisor for your personal consultation.

*The return option is based on an agreement made directly between you and your dealer as a supplement to the individual financing agreement. The agreed buyback terms apply.

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