Going with the flow.
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Going with the flow.

The former mobile library is now a high-tech company.

The element of water has always played a special role for Thomas Mötz, even though the 53-year-old hadn't noticed it himself until a few years ago. The computer scientist now spends a lot of time with his coach, where before he used to just spend his spare time. Whether it's at idyllic lakes or along secluded river banks, it is the unique energy emanating from water that inspires Thomas Mötz nowadays.

Going with the flow. – The former mobile library is now a high-tech company.

Thomas Mötz going with the flow at a river.

"I used to be what you call a workaholic. With all its dark sides. My working day often lasted twelve hours. I commuted every day, totally fixated on my work, perhaps even superficially and sometimes also selfishly. In addition, I had many appointments away from the office and so the motorway became my second home. It was not uncommon for me to have to stop at a rest area just a few kilometres from my actual home to get some sleep. That's how exhausted I was," Thomas Mötz recounts with a relaxed smile. "At one point, I tried to make trips more pleasant and bought a minibus. With this different type of mobility, I encountered what yoga enthusiasts and esoteric people like to call 'getting into a flow'."

“If you try to swim against the tide, you’ll be swept away. But once you’re in the flow, everything can progress.”

Thomas Mötz

As a result of a slower rate of pace, Thomas M. was already perceiving his environment differently. He turned off and onto the road to his inner self and ultimately questioned his entire existence. From then on, he avoided taking trips in straight lines on a map, but rather tried to create a travel flow from A to B. If you meet Mötz today, you get to know more than just a grounded and relaxed character. There’s a lot of human warmth and intelligence – along with his faithful companion, a classic Setra coach. The native of Vienna now uses the 1983 S 140 as a workplace, living space and leisure vehicle. Five years ago, the IT expert purchased the coach, which had originally been delivered to Flensburg's municipal library services as a mobile library, with the idea of directly connecting work and life.

Although the S 140 had already been converted to a motorhome at the time of purchase, the IT specialist had the aspiration of creating a modern workplace that was able to suit any kind of connectivity, such as internet-based cloud solutions, video conferencing or streaming services. The results are truly impressive: the vehicle features elements including four high-resolution cameras, audio and video interfaces, a green screen, numerous monitors and computers as well as several plug-in meeting desks, forming an innovative workplace. On request, the interior of the coach can be transformed into a mobile television studio for live broadcasts.

As part of his newly created business model called inmybus.de, Thomas Mötz now offers pop-up trade fair appearances, roadshows, a mobile studio and hybrid conferences. In agile workshops, management seminars and at innovation camps, Mötz illustrates why “being on the move” is a key success factor in professional life. His theme: hybrid work on tour. "I see the coach here as a location for new world experiences in retro style. New work – new life – new mobility. I want to make all this tangible for everyone getting involved with my coach and me."

And quite a lot of people do! Usually Thomas Mötz is booked for the somewhat different events. Sometimes he and his Setra act as a meeting point, sometimes it's a studio, mobile meeting room and sometimes he is simply the facilitator of new perspectives.

“Being able to design your own workplace is true liberty.”

Thomas Mötz

Thomas Mötz’s former library coach brought about a major change in his own professional life. The employed IT specialist became an independent IT consultant and a pioneer in the field of leading a mobile working life. "I created the perfect workplace for myself. I always live and work exactly where I find it most beautiful. I look forward to discovering new places as well as getting to know new people. I haven't been separating work and leisure for a long time."

Thomas Mötz’s Setra attracts attention wherever he stops. He often heads to rivers or lakes to hone his hobby, paddle boarding. Strangers turn into friends when he starts cooking from his outdoor kitchen. These are the situations involving interesting encounters paired with in-depth discussions. Sometimes, profound friendships develop spontaneously. The Setra coach has certainly achieved its original goal: keeping people on the move.

Technical information

  • Type: Setra S 140 ESK
  • Year of construction: 1983
  • Engine: Mercedes Benz O407, six-cylinder in-line engine, 11,334 ccm, 177 kW
  • Transmission: ZF, 6-speed
  • Mileage: 375,000 km
  • Length: 10.8 m
  • Width: 2.5 m
  • Height: 3.5 m
  • Weight: 14 t
  • Energy supply: 800 W solar panel system, 1000 Ah battery, 3000 W inverter
  • Special features: Air suspension, power windows, incineration toilet
  • Water: 600 litres of fresh water, 400 litres of service water, hot water boiler
  • Gas: 100 l gas system
  • Auxiliary heater: 23 kW
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