Record Run Buses 2012

Promise kept: demonstrably lower fuel consumption with the Euro VI-certified ComfortClass 500


In the Record Run Buses 2012, the new Setra generation of Euro VI-certified touring coaches - the ComfortClass 500 - impressively demonstrated that two seemingly conflicting goals can be achieved at the same time: a reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions while meeting Euro VI emission standards.

The Euro VI-certified ComfortClass 500 undercuts the currently still valid emission standards by up to 80 %. Under real-life conditions, in the DEKRA-certified trial between the ComfortClass 400 and the ComfortClass 500, the completely reengineered vehicle generation consumed 8.2 % less diesel fuel.

A key insight gained from the Record Run Buses 2012: Euro VI also pays off economically for coach operators.

Find out more about the Record Run Buses 2012 and the amazing results in our Fact Book. Simply download here.