HDH models


The deep windows and high roof line at the sides create a unique all-round view. This ensures a special experience for your passengers. The impressive interior standing height also contributes to the generous feeling of space.

We take safety seriously.

More safety for passengers and drivers: UN ECE Regulation 118.

The new version of UN ECE Regulation 118.02 requires newly registered buses from summer 2020 to have additional fire test certificates for materials in the interior, engine compartment, and separate heater compartments. Having the greatest possible safety is a core value for Daimler Buses and compliance with the statutory requirements a self-evident duty. Therefore all materials now used in the interior of our buses are being tested, and  where necessary respecified.

The modifications undertaken for plastics are not noticeable to the eye or touch. As part of qualification in accordance with UN ECE Regulation 118.02 the collection of our seat cover materials is also being changed. The only  restriction will be in the variety of colour shades and patterns (designs) available. The quality requirements of Daimler Buses for the textiles of the seat materials in its collection will remain at the existing high level. We would ask you to be aware that the appearance and feel of the materials illustrated on the website may change due to these design optimisations in the interest of safety.

Truly exceptional comfort.

From the high-quality materials to the clever lighting concept: the interior of the HDH models with its impressive details – for example the visually attractive covers over the air duct or the luxurious service sets – appeals to all the senses.

A spacious entrance.

Your passengers access the interior of the TopClass 500 through the elegantly designed entrance area with its wide steps. A high, dome-like roof arches above the spacious entrance area.

The TopSky panoramic glass roof.

The optional large TopSky panoramic glass roof opens up fascinating perspectives for your travel guests.

Heating and air conditioning.

The modern heating and cooling concept* ensures that all passengers enjoy an equally high level of climate comfort. This is ensured, for instance, by two separate control zones for the front and the rear of the bus. Thanks to the completely new, optionally available under-seat fan heating, cold feet are a thing of the past.

  • Truly exceptional comfort
  • A spacious entrance
  • TopSky panoramic glass roof
  • Heating and air conditioning

With the optional Coach MediaRouter, passengers can access the Internet via Wi-Fi or retrieve media content on their mobile devices. The optional DVB-T2 tuner transmits TV programmes to the passenger monitors, or plays movies and music via the USB interface.

A digital assistant for more operating comfort: a variety of vehicle data can be easily retrieved on the Multi Function Key's display from outside the coach and a wide variety of functions can be operated "off-board". It helps the driver prepare each trip in the most convenient and comfortable way possible.

Increased capacity: as the washroom in the TopClass is in a particularly low position, there is space for another double seat above it.

The optionally available level floor in the TopClass 500 gives you all the freedom to add individual configurations such as a club corner.

Best perspectives: the window sill is very low. Together with the special roof concept, this provides your passengers with a uniquely generous view.

Fully fledged work space: an electrically adjustable single attendant's seat equipped with a three-point seat belt and armrest is available to the co-driver. A spacious tour guide cupboard is also available as optional equipment.

Relaxed journeys: the driver's and attendant's seats offer the highest degree of comfort. Their colour and design can be coordinated with the passenger seats to create a particularly harmonious interior (optional).

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