Professional protection for bus drivers
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Professional protection for bus drivers

OMNIplus offers retrofitted driver protection doors for buses and coaches.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers of buses and coaches have been classified as essential workers: without them, public transport would not be possible. At the same time, they are exposed to an increased risk of infection through contact with numerous people. To protect bus drivers against infection, OMNIplus is offering professionally retrofitted driver protection doors with a separation screen for several Setra models.

As a rule, passengers in many countries are obliged to wear a face covering, something that offers a first line of defence for the bus driver. Warning tape to cordon off the driver area, closed front access doors, improvised screens – after the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus pandemic transport companies reacted quickly to protect their drivers against infection. But these are not permanent solutions. For this reason, OMNIplus is offering durable, professional driver protection doors with a full-size separation screen as a retrofit for many models. The protection is rounded off by a separation screen behind the driver

Greater safety in times of COVID‑19.

Hygienic Measures

Greater safety in times of COVID‑19.

Daimler Buses offers highly developed air-con technology for your buses and coaches, and is working on further innovations to make driving buses even safer.

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Polycarbonate driver protection doors are available for several Setra models.

Polycarbonate driver protection doors are available for several Setra models.

Whether made of tempered glass or high-quality polycarbonate: the transparent separation screens can be supplied in a closed or partially open design that allows for ticket sales. As a professionally retrofitted solution, the driver protection doors guarantee an unrestricted view through the windscreen, as well as of the interior and exterior mirrors. All variants are type approved and certified to regulation ECE R43.

The new driver protection doors can already be ordered for several Setra models. Due to the many different variants, you are best advised by your OMNIplus service centre.

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