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Stuttgart / Neu-Ulm. Daimler Buses is contributing to the containment of the corona virus pandemic with a new vaccination bus. The mobile vaccination station based on an S 415 LE business features an interior concept with fully digitalised vaccination procedure from the Huber Group in Mühlhausen. It enables the efficient planning of mobile vaccination tours as well as the targeted organisation and control of vaccination campaigns – from reception and clarification to carrying out the actual vaccination.

The new Setra MultiClass vaccination bus will offer those people who don't live near a vaccination centre uncomplicated access to immunisation against the corona virus. The bus will also help relieve strain on the central vaccination centres and, in future, it will provide in-situ assistance to business and institutions. The bus is operated by Huber Health Care SE, part of the Huber Group. 

The low-entry intercity bus is currently undergoing the relevant conversion work at the Neu-Ulm bus plant. The basis of the mobile vaccination centre is formed by a durable, comprehensively structured concept which can be transferred to other buses.

With the expertise of specialised doctors, vaccination specialists and trained medical personnel, the vaccination processes were analysed and then integrated into the vehicle concept. Its networked components were also further extended. Among the equipment added are a card reader for health insurance cards and scanners for reading the codes on the injections.

Setra S 415 LE business - Mobile vaccination centre.

In the front area of the 12.3-metre-long vehicle, there are four vaccination booths equipped with suitable seats and a privacy screen. Between the booths are consoles which were specially adapted to the vaccination procedure. They feature monitors and newly developed interchangeable load carriers for the injections themselves. The drawers can be used for stowage of the prepared vaccinations, with colour-coded load carriers being used to differentiate the various types. Alternatively, they can also be used for stowing away other medical materials, such as plasters.

The registration area is located at the rear boarding area, behind which there is seating for a medical clarification and consultation session, as well as a corner desk with document storage for the on-board doctor. In the rear area of the bus, there is also a workplace for the preparation and commissioning of vaccination doses, as well as a cloakroom and a fridge for storing the different vaccinations. 

The interior concept is supplemented by a digitalised vaccination procedure for controlling the processes and documentation. Easy registration and appointment co-ordination is also possible. Directly in the Setra vaccination bus, the solution also aids with checking the identity of the respective patients and documenting their vaccination. Co-ordination of the second vaccination appointment is also taken care of.

The process is carried out digitally via a secure web platform, which is used to check vaccination eligibility in accordance with the requirements of the Ethics Council at the time of registration. The first planned operations of the Setra vaccination bus are timetabled for March 2021.

5 March 2021

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