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We need to get a move on now. Daimler Buses is supporting local Covid vaccinations by Huber Health Care by providing two Setra MultiClass buses. The company from Mühlhausen has already administered over 20,000 doses of the vaccine in the two low-entry vehicles used within company premises or in public spaces. The totally digitalized campaigns are based on the vaccination process developed within the company. Thanks to this idea, it is possible to efficiently plan mobile vaccination tours and carry out as well as manage vaccination campaigns in a targeted way – from registering and informing patients through to administering shots. 

Stuttgart/Neu-Ulm, December 2021

  • Daimler Buses supports immunization campaigns
  • Already over 20,000 vaccine doses administered in two Setra buses
  • Huber Health Care plans to add a third bus

As a result of the great urgency to offer and vaccinate large numbers of people in the coming months, the operator, Huber Health Care SE, a company of the Huber Group, is already planning to commission a third Setra vaccination bus. 

The two vehicles in use each have four vaccination booths on board which are separated from each other by consoles with monitors and newly developed, interchangeable load carriers for syringes. The rear has been fitted out as a registration area, with seats for medical consultations, workspace for preparing and selecting doses, and a refrigerator for storing the various vaccines.

Vaccination buses have been equipped with active filters featuring antiviral functional layers developed by Daimler Buses. The Stuttgart-based company uses high-performance antiviral particulate filters, and ensures a good supply of fresh air and fast air renewal in its vehicles to fight Covid and protect patients onboard. The effectiveness of these protective measures has also been confirmed in the report of a study conducted by the Hermann-Rietschel Institute at the Technical University of Berlin – and not just for scheduled service buses.

Prof. Martin Kriegel, Head of the Institute: "The situation in touring coaches with rapid air renewal is not particularly critical for passengers compared with other everyday situations, provided that the rules to prevent a transmission of COVID are observed. Thanks to the use of high-performance particulate filters, the concentration is, therefore, very low, even in air-recirculation mode. The critical value, assumed to be 3,000 aerosols, which can lead to infection, is not reached, even after four hours on the bus." 

Daimler Buses has already installed over 130,000 of these high-performance particulate filters in Mercedes-Benz and Setra vehicles. They have an antiviral functional layer that removes up to 99 percent of the aerosols inside the vehicle. Correspondingly retrofitted vehicles in which the air can be completely renewed in between one and four minutes are labeled with a clearly visible sticker at the passenger entrance area.

The company has already retrofitted 5,500 city buses, intercity buses and coaches of both brands with driver protection doors developed by the company to protect bus drivers from droplet infections. The fully fitted separation panels made of safety glass or polycarbonate plastic are available for new vehicles and as retrofit solutions. Furthermore, Daimler Buses only offers non-contact disinfectant dispensers that are mounted on the door bogies. As a result, germ transmission is ruled out.

16 December 2021

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