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Bus companies and their drivers can rely on the S 511 HD, the shortest Setra ComfortClass 500 model, to safely navigate any winding road or the maze of narrow streets found in many an old town.

The short S 511 HD vehicle represents the most compact model in the series. It can be used as a luxury VIP shuttle bus or for exclusive club trips. Smaller groups, in particular, travel comfortably in this versatile touring coach.

Club corner for enjoyable association outings.

With its compact dimensions and flexible design, this high-decker vehicle is ideal for the installation of kitchen modules or an exclusive club corner in the rear – perfect for association outings or business meetings. The S 511 HD also provides the option of a rear entrance. Boasting the high standard of luxury now expected from the ComfortClass 500, the passenger compartment includes headroom, a pleasant sense of space, a variety of seating options, as well as generous luggage racks. Luggage capacity varies according to the placement of door 2. With a central entrance, there is 5.3 m³ for luggage with a toilet module and 6.5 m³ for luggage without one. This luggage capacity increases to 7.5 m³ with a rear entrance. The S 511 HD with 3-star classification can carry a total of 41 passengers, while the 5-star classification has room for 32. If the 3-star vehicle is equipped with a rear entrance, there will be 38 available seats.  

Passengers are treated to a top-class travel experience thanks to a number of comfort features. These include, in addition to comfortable touring seats with long seat cushions and spacious luggage racks, LED passenger lighting options which are integrated into the service sets above the double seats. The driver also benefits from a number of the innovative developments that have been incorporated into the design of the ComfortClass 500. A leather multifunction steering wheel, an air-conditioned workplace, as well as a clearly arranged instrument panel in the ergonomically designed Coach Comfort Cockpit.     

Shorter front and rear segments.

Less is more when it comes to the S 511 HD. With a wheelbase of 5005 mm, the turning circle of the two-axle vehicle is just 17,468 mm. The angle of approach/departure is 9.0° at the front; 7.2° at the rear. Compared to the S 515 HD, the rear and front segments of the S 511 HD have been shortened by 120 mm; 625 mm shorter altogether.

However, by no means does safety fall short when it comes to the S 511 HD. The Front Collision Guard (FCG), emergency braking assistance system (ABA 4) and Lane Assist (SPA) are all included as standard. Adaptive cruise control (ACC), which is used to brake the S 511 HD to a standstill whenever necessary, is optionally available.

The S 511 HD vehicles are powered by six-cylinder inline OM 470 engines from the Euro VI “Blue Efficiency Power” generation with an output of 290 kW (394 hp). Power is transferred by the standard GO 210 six-speed manual transmission or, if preferred, the fully automatic GO 250 8 PowerShift eight-speed manual transmission. 

The S 511 HD is a Setra ComfortClass 500 vehicle, part of a model series which includes the two-axle S 515 HD, the two- and three-axle S 516 HD, as well as the three-axle S 517 HD and S 519 HD. This series has retained the classic elements of innovation, comfort, efficiency and safety already well established in the Setra vehicles, yet they are now wrapped up in an entirely new design.

Typical features of the ComfortClass 500 include the flowing side line which first rises slightly before falling again at the rear. At the B-pillar, the sideline also features a decorative element. Meanwhile, a soft movement line runs along the entire length of this newly developed vehicle.

The extended rounding of the roof at the front and the much greater curvature of the windscreen are two distinctive features. Thanks to the new aero rear-end and other features, the ComfortClass 500 achieves a Cd value previously ruled out for this segment (0.33). The vehicles in this series are powered by Euro VI engines from Mercedes-Benz with the associated exhaust gas technology. Developers were able to reduce particle emissions by up to 60 percent, as well as nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) by up to 80 percent, while also reducing fuel consumption – figures that lie very close to the detection limit.

Another advantage: maintenance intervals have increased for the current touring coaches from 90,000 to 120,000 km, or every two years. Furthermore, thanks to a 24-hour service and the largest German service network, operators of long-distance bus travel can relax safe in the knowledge that there is high vehicle availability. Tailored equipment features, such as a larger waste water tank, adapted toilets or electric hand dryers, are also possible. 

More fuel, less fuel – the ComfortClass 500 demonstrates maximum energy efficiency.

During a spectacular record run, the Setra ComfortClass 500 demonstrated maximum energy efficiency despite its newcomer status. Driven to test an extensive range of criteria, the test vehicle logged a fuel saving of 8.2 percent when compared with the Euro V predecessor model. 

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