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Stuttgart. 65 years ago, the Setra brand introduced the first self-supporting compact bus: the S 6. The third type within the first Setra model series 10 was also the smallest Setra bus ever built. The S 511 HD from the current ComfortClass is the most recent vehicle in the successful compact bus segment.

The development of the S 6, with seating for 25 passengers, filled a gap in the still young bus range of the Ulm-based manufacturer, because many bus companies were looking for a touring coach with a maximum of seven metres length.

The bus with its generous panoramic glazing was 6700 mm long and 2250 mm wide and was equipped with independent wheel suspension at the front and swing axles at the rear. The drivetrain incorporated the engine, transmission and differential in a block design. From 1955 to 1964 a total of 1172 S 6 buses were sold.

27 March 2020

  • 65 years ago the brand presented the first compact bus
  • Club buses popular across all six model series
  • A6S 511 HD from the ComfortClass perfect for group excursions

In March 1968 the agile S 80 from the 100 model series went into series production, continuing the success story of the "small" Setra club bus. The 34-seater bus was 2300 mm wide and 7690 mm long. From 1968 to 1977 a total of 1246 units of the S 80 were sold.

The shortest version of the 200 model series was the S 208 H, which was first presented in May 1979. A rear door was replaced by a centre entrance. However, just like all the other touring coaches it was equipped with comfort features such as reclining seats, generous double-glazed windows and the new cross-flow ventilation.

The S 210 HD has also earned its place in the hall of fame for Setra club buses. After production of the S 208 H was discontinued in 1983, the 9340 mm-long bus was the first high-deck compact bus and the first model to be equipped with a conventional rear wheel drive.

In 1994, the Setra brand presented the S 309 HD in response to customer requests for a touring coach in the 300 model series that did not exceed nine metres in length.

The 8870 mm-long bus, equipped with 33 seats, broke new ground with its composite design consisting of a steel base frame and aluminium body.

The shortest variant of the Setra TopClass 400, the 10,160 mm-long S 411 HD, was also firmly established with bus operators throughout Europe in the segment for exclusive club travel. With a small turning circle of 17,360 mm there was hardly a bend that was too tight for the two-axle bus.

Thanks to the current ComfortClass 500, bus operators can offer an exclusively equipped club bus. No matter whether it's a luxurious VIP shuttle or used for top-quality club travel – smaller travel groups in particular enjoy long journeys in the 10,465 mm-short S 511 HD.

Thanks to its wheelbase of 5005 mm, the turning circle of the S 511 HD, presented in 2014, is only 17,468 mm. With its compact dimensions, the high-deck bus with its variable range of equipment is predestined for the variable kitchenette module or an exclusive club corner in the rear – perfect for club excursions or business meetings. The S 511 HD is also available with a rear entrance.

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