Service & support at Setra

"Best in Class" service

At Setra, a lot has grown and evolved through the course of time. One thing hasn't changed however: the fact that the most important aspect for us is our customer.

We have been taking care of many Setra customers for up to three generations. Their predecessors counted on this and passed on the trust and confidence the Setra brand and its premium support have earned over time.

As close partners to our customers, we at Setra always research, develop and work with people in the foreground - in terms of safety, individuality, cost-effectiveness and environmental protection.

Setra support is always support at its best

We are not only there for our customers before they invest in a Setra. Our customers know they can rely on us for the entire service life of their coach. And over time, our close relationships with our many customers have led to the development of new services: an extensive network to ensure problem-free travel for you and your coach.

Whether the Setra customer service and support team, our sales partners, our CustomerCenter or our DesignCenter, our customers are always welcome partners, whose requirements and needs are taken care of professionally and reliably. Also key to Setra's premium support portfolio is the most extensive coach-specific service network with 600 locations throughout Europe. Under the OMNIplus service brand, our customers capitalise on several offerings conceived to support them along the way.

With BusFleet, we provide the first ever fleet management system conceived specially for coaches and buses. Our customers also receive important suggestions and advice on managing their fleets even more cost-efficiently. The SetraCard and our other service cards provide each of our customers with an added measure of safety, ensuring that they can be back on the road towards their destination quickly and safely in the case of breakdown.

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