Customisation at Setra

A coach to suit your requirements

Customised coaches have always been intrinsic to Setra's heritage - whether touring coaches, scheduled-service buses or specialised coaches. Our large range of equipment possibilities, materials and colours enable you to finetune your coach precisely to your requirements and visions.

Each and every coach is unique

Our amazingly wide selection of equipment and details make every Setra a customised Setra. Whether to select your coach's seating, galley or air conditioning system, lavatory, service sets or special equipment for handicapped passengers, our sales partner and design advisors are your ideal partners when it comes to creating your dream coach. Choose from our many seat models with different upholstery in fabric or leather, and from a wide selection of colours and patterns. You can also select from our many floor coverings, as well as the many options we offer to equip your galley. Our very wide selection will come to life for you with our 3D BusDesigner program. You can combine different colours, shapes and equipment, and then see them virtually and surprisingly realistically from a variety of angles. At the very end of the creative process, you will come face to face with "your" customised Setra coach.

Scheduled-service buses that stand out from the crowd

Scheduled-service buses can also be highly distinctive, since they can be equipped variably, depending on business applications. But it isn't only colours, patterns or seating that give a Setra bus its unique appearance. If you'd like, Setra buses can be equipped with extra-wide, fast-flow doors, or with flexibly designed special areas for wheelchairs or baby carriages. Customised buses from Setra always offer more individuality.

Special coaches to serve special needs

The application possibilities of Setra coaches and buses extend way beyond people transportation. For example, buses can be equipped with special devices to provide medical support - fulfilling the role of a mobile clinic. Setra coaches are also on the road serving  culture and education. Where libraries are not available, mobile "book buses" bring reading to the public. Conference rooms on wheels, mobile research stations - the spectrum of possibilities is close to endless. At Setra, individualisation also means finding new approaches and solutions, while stretching the scope of the possible.

What would you like to do?