Economy & the environment

A step ahead - from ecological and business perspectives

For a long time now, Setra has been a pioneer in the area of environmental protection. The fact that Setra coaches and buses have received the coveted "Blue Angel" seal not only confirms the brand's pioneering position, but also drives it to further its quest.

Building environmentally friendly coaches is a decision for the future and for the world we live in. It also leads to sustainable business success. Lower fuel consumption, savings through longer service intervals and shorter downtimes, as well as reduced repairs ensure a more attractive bottom line for you.

This is also reflected in the extremely high resale value Setra operators capitalise on.

Low lifecycle costs

State-of-the-art technology implies reduced fuel consumption. With increasing energy prices, environmentally friendly coaches from Setra are an investment in the future with guaranteed returns. Independent tests confirm that Setra coaches rank among the most cost-efficient on the market. Furthermore, our high standards minimise maintenance and repair costs. Over the short and long terms, a decision in favour of Setra is always a profitable one.

Clean BlueTec® technology

BlueTec® is a modular concept combining a variety of technological processes which minimise raw emissions in the engine, while effectively dealing with post-treatment of emissions. BlueTec® makes the diesel engine the cleanest worldwide, while reducing fuel consumption at the same level of performance. Environmental friendliness meets cost-effectiveness!

EEV - vehicles that are especially eco-friendly

Thanks to technological innovations in engine development at Setra, coaches can now achieve Euro V emission standards without requiring a particle filter. And there's more: our EEV engines even go as far as fulfilling the next expected requirements.

The benefits of EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicles) are clear. Being a leader today in environmentally friendly technology means being ideally equipped for tomorrow - without the need for any subsequent changes or updates. As well, not requiring a particle filter cuts out any additional maintenance requirements - ideal for both cost-effectiveness and the environment.

Reliable corrosion protection

Cathodic dip-paint coating (KTL) protects metal parts from corrosion over decades. KTL, combined with advanced underbody protection, offer reliable protection from corrosion. This contributes to making Setra coaches not only environmentally friendly, but also a sound investment.

"Blue Angel"

This very discerning environmental seal is awarded from the RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification, and from the Environmental Protection Agency. It is only given to products that are especially environmentally friendly - both in their manufacturing and their use.

The jury was particularly impressed with the significantly reduced internal and external noise emissions as well as the non-use of ozone-depleting substances during production. A further criterion was that no heavy metals are used in cooling agents and paint. Thanks to high-quality materials and processes, Setra's environmentally friendly coaches are also geared towards your long-term success.