Comfort & Equipment

Refreshingly different

Leaving your cares behind, relaxing and enjoying the journey. With a Setra, getting there is a very special part of the journey.

A Setra can be designed to be classically elegant, modern or even distinctively avant-garde. High-quality, durability and outstanding craftsmanship are the common denominators in everything we do. Otherwise, each and every Setra is absolutely unique.

Coach travel doesn't get any better than this

For passengers, comfortable seating goes a long way towards wellbeing on the road. With three seat models which can be configured as you like, along with a very large selection of fabric and leather seats covers and upholstery, the possibilities are close to endless. Setra seats are manufactured in our own production facilities - so that we can best fulfil our customers' every wish.

Whether comfortable or luxurious, we have done everything we can to ensure that passengers are comfortable even on very long trips - with extra-cushiony seats, higher seat backs, al the way through to new, patented operation.

Our recliners' amazing comfort, air conditioning with fine adjustment, combined with our coaches' legendary smooth running, all contribute to your passengers' wellbeing. large monitors, LED reading lights and LED aisle lighting further enhance the journey.

An extra special highlight is the TopSky glass roof, for a great feeling of open space.

The cockpit is also nothing less than top of the line

Setra also offers customised design and equipment in the cockpit - with either a streamlined, modern carbon look or with luxurious bird's eye maple finish. And of course with our comfortable, ergonomically designed driver’s seats which offer drivers optimal back support even on long trips.

At the driver's work station, everything has been well conceived: ideally positioned fittings, instruments with 3D look, all switches in logical functional groupings, a retractable exterior mirror, rain/light sensor, a multifunction steering wheel with integrated key function and much more. Several storage compartments and handy pockets have been incorporated as well.

Over and above technological innovations, we also implement suggestions from drivers when developing and further optimising our driver's work stations. Our goal is to facilitate the driver's task in view of ensuring the highest possible level of safety for passengers.